Science Ambassador Program

Love science? Here’s an opportunity that you will love to become a part of. Register yourself on the form below to become a part of our growing scientific community!

Why become a part of it?

  • Become Workforce Ready: Learn about working with (MSC) while enhancing your personal and professional growth.
  • Get Published: Create videos and blog posts (especially a news item highlighting a scientific achievement from your area) and let the world know about you.
  • Develop Your Skills: Enhance your public speaking, event planning and communication skills as you organize science events and exciting scientific meetups (Science Cafe).
  • Participate in Special Events: Be eligible to participate in’s competitions.
  • Build Your Resume: Include the experience you get in the MSC Student Science Ambassador Program on your resume.
  • Enhance your Networking Skills: Through campus activities and interactions with your fellow ambassadors, make new friends and connections across the Muslim world.
  • Win Prizes: Earn chances to win awards and certificates.



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