Launch Event: Islam and Science

May 2nd, 2016 | by MuslimScience
Launch Event: Islam and Science

Muslim-Science.Com has proudly launched the Report of the Task Force on Islam and Science: “Islam and Science: Muslim Responses to Science’s Big Questions”

The report issues The Istanbul Declaration on Islam and Science aimed at addressing the core issues in the relationship between Islam and Science and summarising some general principles of engaging in Islam and Science discourse.

The Report may be downloaded for free at:

The work has been carried out with support from the Templeton Foundation in collaboration with The Turkish Society for the History of Science (TBTK) ‪#‎MSTF15‬ ‪#‎IslamAndScience‬

International seminar of Muslim-Science.Com’sTaskForce report on Islam and Science launched by her royal highness Princess Sumaya bint Hassan organised by Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS) and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia – ESCWA

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