Prof. Abdullah Daar on Mustafa Prize

December 30th, 2015 | by MuslimScience
Prof. Abdullah Daar on Mustafa Prize

“Mustafa (PBUH) Prize is the biggest development in the world of science in the Islamic world. “ – Prof. Abdallah Daar

Prof. Abdallah Daar is Professor of Public Health Sciences and of surgery at the University of Toronto, Canada. He is also Senior Scientist and co-director of the McLaughlin-Rotman Centre Program on Life Sciences and Global Health, University Health Network, and Director of Ethics and Policy at the McLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine. In 1999, he was awarded the Hunterian Professorship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. In 2005, he was awarded the Anthony Miller Prize for Research Excellence at the University of Toronto and also in 2005 the UNESCO Avicenna Prize for Ethics of Science.

He was elected a Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences in 2009.

Prof. Daar is one the guests of the first edition of Mustafa (PBUH) Prize and in an interview highlighted requirements to achieve faster progress in science and technology development in the Islamic countries.


Q.How do you evaluate the status of the Islamic world in scientific advancements and in technology- based achievements?

At present, I believe that it is generally not very impressive.


Q.What is the share of scientists from the Islamic world in the science and technology progress?

This is also very small.

Q.How can we achieve even faster progress in science and technology development in the Islamic countries and benefit from the existing capacities?

By investing more in education at all levels. Have confidence. Value research much more than we do now. Value the role of science in society. Invest in both basic and applied sciences. Think big and collaborate with genuine collaborators. Allow scientists (and students) to think critically and to question old ways of thinking.


Q.How can the Islamic golden era that once pioneered through science and technology progress be revived?

All of the influential factors that I mentioned in previous question are effective and play a critical role in this.


Q.How do you evaluate science and technology prizes as an instrument for increasing research and development of scientists for regional development and improving the welfare of human beings?

I think that such prizes have a big role to play in awakening consciousness about science and technology. By itself, without taking care of the issues mentioned previously, their value will be less critical.


Q.How do you evaluate the necessity of the Mustafa (PBUH) prize in developing science and technology in the world of Islam and its role in promoting the quality of the life of people?

I think it is potentially one of the biggest developments in the world of science in the Islamic world. I wish it great success.

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